The Hands

I'm Mikaela, the hands behind your homemade piece! 

It was never my intention to start a small business, it just kind of fell into my lap! I've been tying knots since I was a kid, but picked it up again on a larger scale in 2017 - trying to find an 'indoor hobby' during the long Canadian winter! When my husband and I got engaged in early 2018, I started String Theories as a way to pay for the rope needed for the massive wedding backdrop I had planned... and then I was hooked.

    I studied Aerospace Engineering in university, so you better believe I have this craft down to a SCIENCE. I have spreadsheets on spreadsheets of equations and formulas to optimize designs and minimize rope cuttings/loss... and I'm a huge nerd at heart. When I'm not knotting, I'm reading non-fiction books about string theory, astrophysics, and particle physics! One day, I'll go back to school and finally get my Masters degree...

      Sustainability is really important to me in my personal life, and now in my 'business life'. I save each and every rope cutting from wall hangings and recycle them into earrings/coasters or future wall hangings. I also strive to purchase only recycled, Canadian rope! Each piece of driftwood is naturally foraged by myself from the beaches in Atlantic Canada - I'm lucky to live right next to a few prime locations for driftwood hunting! 

        I collect plants, driftwood, and weird pieces of ribbon like they're going out of style.
        I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to send me a message about anything macrame! 
        - Mikaela, String Theories Fiber Design