When will I receive my order? 

The majority of my items are 'made-to-order', meaning I don't have a stock pile of items ready to ship out! My current lead time is approximately 1 to 2 weeks prior to shipping. For custom orders, the lead time varies! 

Ok, I've received my wall hanging and unpackaged it - now what? 

Yay! Exciting! The rope ends of your wall hanging may have curled or crimped during transit. Lay your piece flat, or hang it on the wall, and the ends should straighten out within a few days! 

How do I hang my piece?

Large-sized wall hangings should always be hung from a load-bearing stud, while smaller, lighter hangings can be hung from a nail or command hook! Nowhere to put hooks in the ceiling? I recommend hanging plant hangers from curtain rods (as long as the rod is mounted to studs!)  

How do I care for my macrame piece? 

Over time, the ends of your piece may start to curl with humidity! This is especially true of pieces with tassels. You'll want to occasionally comb out the tassels and brushed fringe with either a pet brush or a small comb. Steaming is not recommended as this can cause the fibers to shrink. I also suggest using a lint roller to remove any dust/dirt/extra fuzz! 

How do custom orders work? 

Custom orders are my absolute favourite thing to work on. If you've got an idea for a custom piece, PLEASE send me a message using the Custom Order button or Contact Us button! Provide your email, name, and some ideas - size, colour, and general 'feel' of the piece is a good place to start. We will be in contact via email to discuss your custom! You'll receive sketches and photos of colours to help you make your decision. 

How does payment work? 

Full payment is required prior to starting work - whether for a made-to-order piece, or a custom piece. 

Do you have a mailing list? 

Of course! Scroll down to the bottom of the Home page and sign up! 

Do you ship outside of Canada and the US? 

I can - depends on import laws. Send me a message if you're interested, and we can chat about what that means for your piece!